Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Wooded Landscapes of Harry Epworth Allen

Thanks to Stephen Pentz and his fascinating blog, First Known When Lost, I was recently introduced to the beautiful work of British artist, Harry Epworth Allen (1894-1958). 
Allen, who was born & educated in Sheffield, worked mostly in tempura, watercolour and pencil, and is best known for his landscape work. 
I'm now on a mission to get hold of a copy of the H.E. Allen Catalogue of Works by John Basford, to find out more!
There is a website dedicated to Allen's work should you wish to delve deeper...

'Haddon Hall, Derbyshire' 

 Preliminary study


fabriquefantastique said...

No, I didn't know much about harry Epworth Allen, now I do...thanks for the link

Murgatroyd said...

You're very welcome FF! I'm looking forward to finding out more... the dedicated website still doesn't tell me enough!

The Vintage Knitter said...

Very interesting post, I hadn't heard of Harry Epworth Allen either, so thanks for the into. I love the picture of Haddon Hall too.

IAN said...

Sorry to be a pedant - the art material is TEMPERA.
TEMPURA is a light batter used in Japanese cooking - it would be very messy to paint with. I came to Allen's work via the same blog as you - and would love to know more about him and see more of his work. Best wishes IAN